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Who is Make It Click for?

‘Limited users of the internet’ are people who have a narrow set of digital skills and experience. That’s not to say they are starting from scratch – they could be proficient in one particular area or piece of software. 

However, as a whole, with access to a broader range of experience and skills, they could be in a better position to find work or move forward in their career.

This could be people who are:

  • Unemployed and looking for work
  • Employed but want to get promoted
  • Employed but want to move into a different career 
  • Looking to start their own business
  • Self-employed and want to use the internet to promote and manage their business.

Make It Click

Currently, over 7 million people in the UK are online but not getting enough from the internet, and aren’t improving their digital skills. Compared to people who are not online at all, they are more likely to be seeking work or in low-paid employment.

Good Things Foundation has created a ‘learning pathway’ called Make It Click. 

Make It Click aims to support people who often don’t receive support or fall through the gaps. We’re building their confidence, helping them learn new skills, and supporting them to achieve positive employment outcomes.

Make It Click is for people who are limited users of the internet to gain and apply a broader range of digital skills that will help them make positive changes in their careers.

Contact for more information and registration: / 07476455456    / 07476865132